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XSPT Basic Data

Shares Outstanding Shares Float
Short Float Short(Days to Cover)
Institution ownership Inst. 3 month change
Insider ownership Insider ownership
Average Volume Average True Range
Earnings Date Cash Per Share
EPS 12 mo. Trailing RSI

Trading Halts

XSPT is trading normally. It has never been halted this year during normal trading hours

Available to Short

Number of shares available to short and the annual rate it costs to keep it short.
Avail Date Avail. Shares Fee rate in Annual %
10/23/2020 10000000 1.58
10/22/2020 10000000 1.58
10/21/2020 10000000 1.58
10/20/2020 10000000 1.58
10/19/2020 10000000 1.58